Thursday, 29 April 2010

Woodland walk - Pont d'Acoravo

After yesterdays excitement of the beach (and a touch of sunburn), we decided to take a walk along the riverside past the ruined mill, and see if we could get to the ‘Petit Niagra’ waterfall.

This area was completely flooded quite a long time ago, so the buildings including the old mill, several houses and even an old hotel have stood in ruins ever since, so it feels almost like an abandoned village.

The paths are lined with acacia trees and the scent was simply heavenly (until it brought on bout of sneezing!), and there were bright red wild poppies everywhere. We even found two little round huts that looked like sentry posts for an old bridge.

The pathways were all lined with wild flowers almost as high as our waists, so we lost the kid a couple of times where he decided to explore and we could only see his head bobbing around!

Finally we got to a beautiful spot where the waterfalls start. We could hear the rush of the water, but we were too high up and could only see the odd spot of foam where the force of the river was crashing against the rocks.

Unfortunately, the river was too high to wade across for a decent photo, so we had to retreat down river where we found another impressive cascade. Standing right next to it to take the photo, I couldn’t help thinking that once again I was wearing flipflops on wet rocks - not one of by better plans!

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