Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I’ve always wanted to visit Bodri beach, but as I am normally on the way to a meeting when I pass by, I have never had the time before. Today I was really doubly lucky as the colour of the sea was magnificent; virtually every shade of blue to green.

I wasn’t dressed for sunbathing, so I decided to explore the coastal path that winds up behind the beach through fields of asphodels and gorse to an amazing view point on the top of the cliff.

From here you can walk to the next section, but I was happy to sit and eat my picnic with only the sounds of the birdsong. I have recently been researching Tanzania and Zanzibar, and one of the things that always tempts me is the pale turquoise sea, but having seen Bodri, I am beginning to think that paradise may be closer to home!

All too soon it was time to make tracks. On the walk down from the parking area to the beach, I’d been so intent on reaching the sea that I hadn’t really taken in my surroundings.

The fields lining the path were sprinkled with spring flowers and the apple trees are already in full bloom. However, what really caught my attention were the tiny yellow flowers sprouting between the railway tracks.

Bodri is on the line between Calvi and Ile Rousse so in the summer the Trinichellu (little train) trundles along the coast shuttling visitors between the various beaches along the northern Balagne coast. At this time of year though the place feels a bit like an ‘old west’ outpost and virtually deserted - sheer bliss!

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