Thursday, 22 April 2010

Plage de Campitellu

Now that the temperature is consistently hitting 20 degrees in the daytime, I’ve started using sun cream as my daily moisturiser just in case I take it into my head to pop to the beach for half an hour at lunchtime, like today.

The plan was to sit on the sand for half an hour and read a chapter of my book, but as usual my natural curiosity got the better of me, and when I realised that there was a gap in the barbed wire fence above the rocks, it would have been rude not to explore.

I picked my way through the Maquis and found a little path that I hoped would take me to the little beach the other side of the Tour de Calanca. I was conscious that I was probably on private property so I was contemplating whether I should head back when I spotted the little beach below.

There was no easy route down without venturing even closer to the tower, so I decided to head back down again. This area of the coast is sprinkled with rocks and sand, so colours were amazing from above; all shades of greens and blues depending on what was on the sea bed.

I would seriously recommend that anyone considering a holiday in Corsica invests in a pair of polarised sunglasses. They cut the contrast and you’ll see so many vivid colours without the glare of the sun. Also, if you’re silly like me and go rock climbing in flipflops (not to be recommended), you’d be able to see the bruises actually forming in front of your eyes when you fall off!

Perhaps I should switch to Savlon instead of Ambre Solaire as my daily moisturiser...

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