Monday, 5 April 2010

Wild Asparagus

We’d decided to go to the Maquis behind the beach and see if we could find some wild asparagus (we have decimated supplies where we live already and turned them into delicious quiches and soups!), but on the way there we spotted a bloke with handfuls, so I wasn’t sure we’d be lucky this time.

We headed up to the hillside above the beach. It was here last year that there was a big fire, and many of the bushes are still blackened, but it was very pretty looking down over the carpet of wild flowers to the sea beyond. We’d been walking for a while when we noticed we had black hands and seemed to be covered in black stripes from the charred bushes – eek!

We found some enormous asparagus that were almost as fat as the ones you find in the supermarket, which is amazing when they are wild, but I guess no one much comes up here, so they can grow bigger.

Of course, finding the way up was the easy part but we’d clambered about here, there and everywhere and couldn’t see the path to get back down again. I had visions of spending the night in the Maquis ‘bandit’ style, but luckily we were soon at sea level again, although goodness knows how I’m going to get the charcoal off my beige trainers...

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