Saturday, 17 April 2010

Rogliano & The Moulin de Mattei

We’d stayed the previous night at Centuri and it was just 16km between our first hotel and the second, so we had plenty of time to explore on the way. After breakfast, we headed up to the Moulin de Mattei just outside Rogliano.

It was fairly impressive as we approached, but I was so pleased that we decided to stop and walk up to the windmill. The guide said it was 30 minutes there and back on foot, but it took us a bit longer as we stopped along the way to read the plaques marking the route. These each told a different anecdote about the mill or the area and made fascinating reading.

The windmill itself has been beautifully restored by the Mattei family, renowned for their ‘Cap Corse’ aperitif drink which is popular across the island and tastes similar to red Martini, as well as other fruit based liqueurs. The views from the terrace were amazing and reminded me a bit of Switzerland with the snow covered mountains in the distance.

We also visited the village of Rogliano which was a few kilometres away on the opposite side of the cap. It sounded much more interesting in the guidebook than it actually was, and we managed to see everything we wanted in just a few minutes! The most interesting things were the large family tombs with lovely views over the surrounding countryside - one was so big I thought it was a villa!

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