Saturday, 17 April 2010


I started off bright an early as I wanted to take a leisurely drive north, stopping off in Vizzavona and Venaco on the way to Saint Florent. The weather was glorious and I was amazed that the mountains still had snow on the top - it is easy to forget that there are 3 ski stations in Corsica when it is already warm enough to sunbathe by the coast!

As I reached Venaco, I was still ahead of schedule, so I decided to take the D43 which I knew was a detour but I hoped would be a slightly more scenic route. Once again there was snow on the mountains, and as the road wound downwards, asphodeles lined the route and very soon the river came into view.

It was really beautiful, especially with the Genoese bridge, so I had to stop again. There were steps down to the riverside and I was amazed by the colours. It was one of those moments when you just know that your photos are never going to be as stunning as the real thing!

The rocks were really unusual and formed a sort of plateau where I sat and ate my picnic. It wasn’t long until I was joined by a gang of curious goats who seemed to be giving me the evil eye, so I was soon on my way again!

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