Saturday, 3 April 2010

Arena Bianca

It’s amazing the difference a few metres can make when it’s windy, and I don’t think I have ever seen a better example than today. My walking buddy had disappeared for the day so in need of a bit of exercise, I headed down to the beach behind the Lido.

Walking through deep sand gives you a good workout if you don’t dawdle, and if you're inquisitive (nosy) like me, you can add it a spot of ‘escalade’ with the added bonus of getting so see some of the beautiful hidden coves

Of course I’d forgotten my rock climbing shoes, so it probably wasn’t one of my better idea to climb across the huge wet granite boulders above a sea that was rough to say the least! Luckily my sketchers were more than up to the task and it wasn’t long before I was leaping from rock to rock above the sea.

It was really warm under the sun despite the wind, but all the effort was well and truly worthwhile when I came across this stunning little cove where the water was as flat as a millpond, and the colours of the sea were absolutely amazing.

I sat for a while in the sun but it wasn’t long before I could feel my face burning, so I decided to head back up the hillside where the view was lovely. The hill was covered in wild spring flowers in all colours from white to yellow and even deep purple.

I walked back along the beach. There is a section just after the hotel where the sand shelves deeply and the rocks line the sea bed. I waited for a while and watched the crashing against the shore. It was incredible because although there was quite a lot of surf, the water was so clear that as each wave formed, I could see all the rock formations deep below.

It was actually quite mesmerising but try as I might, I knew the photos would never be as impressive as seeing it first hand. Nature is a truly wonderful thing!

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