Saturday, 17 April 2010

Centuri Port

It was the first time that I have been up to the top of Cap Corse and it is a shame that my first glimpse of Centuri Port was in the rain, as everyone had told me how beautiful it is. Of course it is early in the season, but as so often happens, by the next morning, the sunshine was back – hurrah!

We’d booking into the Hotel la Jetée, a little hotel right on the water front. The rooms were simple but clean and I had a lovely view over the port. There is a strong fishing theme running through the hotel and we were particularly pleased with the old fashioned photos lining the corridor which showed us that Centuri really has changed very little over the centuries.

The hotel also had a restaurant which was a bonus for us visiting so early in the season. The starter was superb - thinly sliced charcuterie with a lemon vinagrette and parmesan shavings - but I was disappointed with the Espadon given the waterfront location and profusion of fishing boats.

The next day I woke to bright sunshine so Iain and I made an early start with our cameras. One of the things that caught my eye straight away was the unusual cross just at the edge of the village. Crafted from driftwood, from a distance it seems to take the form of Christ.

I was pleased that I managed to see Centuri at its best. The sun was in the wrong position for the shot I really wanted, so that is a good excuse to go back again.

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