Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Ever since I lived in Calvi for a while a few years ago, Algajola has held a special place in my heart. It’s where I used to escape to when I fancied getting out of town, and I nearly always managed to find a little corner of beach all to myself.

Today was no different, and as it was sweltering hot – 19 degrees, but without any breeze so it felt more like 25 – I settle myself on the sand to catch a few rays.

What I like about Algajola is that although it’s small, it pretty much has everything you could want. There is a good restaurant called Le Chariot on the main square where I have eaten many times, but today I wandered through into the medieval section.

Here there are more restaurants and even an old castle although I’m not sure what it is used for these days as you can’t visit. Sunset is the best time to take photos of the castle, but I didn’t have that long sadly.

I followed the coastline back round to the beach and discovered that there is actually a little chapel right on the waterfront. How have I never noticed that before? It is only about the size of a single car garage so it is not surprising that a relatively new church now stands near the war memorial

I could feel my face starting to burn so I decided to find a little café where I could sit in a spot of shade and admire the view. A new brasserie/glaciere seems to have sprung up since my last visit, so in the interests of research I had to give it a try!

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