Saturday, 17 April 2010


We wanted to see Barcaggio which is as far north as you can get to by car. The drive down to the village from the main road was a fair distance but quite lush. There were lots of little bergeries dotted along the way and the spring flowers were really pretty and colourful.

The little marina was really picturesque and it was quite sheltered from the wind. Unfortunately it was also a little more sleepy than we had imagined! Jan and I were happy to wander along the water front with Megan the dog desperately trying to find a way down to the water, but Iain wandered off in search of sustenance.

Finally he came across what looked like a tiny café with a few mis-matched chairs on the terrace. Unfortunately, it was just a private house where the little old lady was spring cleaning, so she was quite shocked when he asked her to make him a coffee!

We walked a little further inspecting the little fishing boats bobbing gently on the water, and then sat for a while in the sun, but as it was so early in the season and the village was effectively closed, it wasn’t long before we were making tracks.

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