Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Walking in Corsica – Sentier Littoral de Balagne (Arinella Plage to Punta di Spanu)

This walk is part of the coastal trail from Calvi right along the coast, but it’s nice to break it up into smaller circuits of perhaps an hour / hour and a half round.

We started off at Arinella Plage and took the track to the right of the restaurant. They don’t allow dogs on the beach in front of the restaurant (understandably), so we headed off to the right and the amazing flat rocks and sandy coves.

The sea here looks quite shallow as it laps against the flat rocks, but don’t be deceived. The dogs were running here, there and everywhere, and I had visions of having to make a daring sea rescue, so I was glad when the path climbed again heading towards the tower

There are numerous little paths down to the coast here and we saw fishermen, sunbathers and quite a number of other people walking their dogs, but although my interest lay chiefly in the old ruined tower clinging to huge granite masses but the dogs were off chasing grouse in the maquis!

On a really clear day, you can just see Calvi Citadel opposite jutting out into the sea, but although there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, there was a slight heat haze as it was still early.

So, just time to a quick swim on the way back (the dogs, not me!), and then we were back at Arinella plage. The water looked so tempting – an almost unnatural turquoise that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to capture on camera – that I found myself wondering if two hot wet dogs would mind waiting in the car for an hour or so while I took a quick dip!

Fortunately, common sense took over and we all came home together. Maybe next time...

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