Sunday, 27 June 2010


One of our neighbours has an apricot tree, and this year there are so many apricots hanging from the branches that he told us it was ‘weeping with fruit’ – what a lovely expression. Of course what it means is that we’re all now eating apricots with everything, for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Fortunately, I love them; baked, caramalised, straight off the tree, in jam or under crumble, it doesn’t matter to me! In fact, this morning I came over all ‘Nigella Lawson’ and even had a bash at making my own croissants. They didn’t come out quite as well as the ones from the bakery, but the warm buttery taste went so well with the sweet, juicy fruits that it didn’t matter.

It got me thinking though, because I found out an amazing amount about strawberry trees (Arbouses) when they were in season, and a quick Google search threw up lots of interesting facts. Apparently, as early as the year 502, apricot seeds were used to treat tumours and later in the 17th century, also ulcers. I tend to think of fruits as being quite acidic, so I was surprised about the ulcer part.

Sadly, scientists declared them to have no effects on cancer but they are packed full of Carotenoids – more than any other food – and these antioxidants are thought to help with heart disease, ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, and protect against cancer. Obviously you can have too much of a good thing, but it sounds to me like a few more can’t hurt!

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