Thursday, 3 June 2010

Aregno & Aregno Plage

I was actually on my way to Sant'Antonino, but as I was ahead of schedule and have to pass right by the turning for the village of Arengo, I decided to stop off and explore.

Until today, pretty much all I knew about Aregno was that it was home to the Eglise de la Trinité, a beautiful Pisan church of grey and ochre stone, and that on St. Anthony’s day they give out the sweet oranges that are grown in the groves surrounding the village – yum!

Most of my Corsican friends think it’s a bit weird/morbid to visit churches and graveyards, but they are so beautiful here in Corsica that some are like little works of art. They also occupy the best positions normally up above the villages, so the views are surperb

However, the village was small but perfectly formed as the saying goes, and worth the detour for refreshments on a hot day like today. I found a little Spar shop selling local produce as well as the essentials, a beautiful church and two friendly looking bar/cafés in the pretty square. There was also a huge old house of the ‘shabby/chic variety that I would have loved to explore, but

I believe there is also a restaurant, but once I’d settled myself at a table at the Bar des Amis, I was happy to just sit and indulge in a spot of people watching. The village is like a big cul de sac, so I am sure the parking area is where they got the idea for Tetris!!

Like a lot of important village communes, Aregno has it’s corresponding beach called Aregno Plage.

Aregno Plage is actually the beach that runs for several kilometers from the village of Algajola towards Ile Rousse. Today there was wind by the coast where the village had been warm and clammy, but it didn’t seem to deter the sun worshippers. In fact, it probably would have roasted them otherwise!

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