Thursday, 24 June 2010


I always get so excited when I see the Canadairs in the bay, swooping down and collecting the sea water before releasing it all again like an enormous fountain, and even more so when I know they are just practicing their manoeuvres (there is always a touch of sadness when I know that it’s for real).

These firefighting amphibious planes are designed to operate well at low speed and in gust-loading circumstances, and are also able to land and take off from short, unpaved airstrips such as fields or the sea. The aircraft can skim lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or open water to fill its tanks.

The water can be mixed with additives for direct attack of wildfires and to protect isolated hamlets and villages, and the aircraft can refill its tank in ten seconds at 75–80 knots (140–150 km/h; 85-90 mph) – how impressive is that!!

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