Thursday, 3 June 2010

Arinella Plage

When I visited friends in Lumio a few years ago, we came and ate at the Matahari restaurant which is situated right on the beach at Arinella, but I don’t remember it being quite so beautiful as it looked this morning

I was out and about relatively early, so I was able to see it at its best, with very few people, but late enough that the beach had been cleaned (you can still see the tractor marks in the sand!).

The coastal path runs up behind here and along towards the ruined tower at Punta di Spanu, and it was whilst walking the dogs that I found one of the best views through the trees with the tables of the restaurant sitting directly on the sand and shaded by caribbean style thatched parasols – what bliss.

Of course it wasn’t long before other visitors started to arrive either by car – there is a huge shady parking area here which is a big plus in the height of summer – and even by boat! Sadly, it was only a little 2 man dinghy rather than a huge yacht, otherwise I would have stayed a bit longer…

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