Thursday, 1 July 2010

Corsica Brownie Badge system...

Life in Corsica is full of trials and tribulations on a daily basis; it’s almost like living in a soap opera where the surreal is an everyday occurrence, and things happen that no normal person would expect to encounter on a day to day basis. Consequently, I have decided to institute a ‘Corsica Brownie Badge’ system whereby I’ll award badges for the most bizarre incidents, or things deemed to be truly Corsican.

As an example, I am going to award myself the Countryside badge for fending off the old gappy toothed men who try to chat me up while I’m out walking in the countryside, and the endurance badge for going to the supermarket in July. I’m also currently trying for the needlework badge because I’m making a voodoo doll of my neighbour (although it seems I am not the only one on that score, so might be pipped to the post!). Marilyn will get the wildlife badge for bravely fending off a bat attack (yes, really!), and Karen can have the technology badge for dealing with France telecom – say no more!

Monsieur S (who has to remain nameless) will be awarded the ingenuity badge for valiantly cutting down an EDF electricity pole with his chainsaw when he ran out of wood to finish the Paillote at his new camp site, and the old lady at the supermarket will get the fashion-forward badge for shopping in her purple dressing gown and slippers in the middle of the day!

Anyone else wanting a badge, just let me know and I’ll post the winners below...


  1. Here is a link to all the Brownie badges available .... - are you making them up as you go along?? I am going to claim the advanced Holiday one as well...I have been on holiday since 2001...LOL!!

  2. Yes, I am definitely making them up as I go along! Never did quite make it into the Brownies...