Friday, 27 August 2010

Walking in Corsica - Loreto di Tallano (Mare a Mare Sud)

We really wanted to get up into the mountains, but after a recent knee injury which found me wearing a very attractive support which, because it’s black, looks like I have decided to wear half a pair of cropped leggings (not a great look for anyone!), we decided to be sensible and do a short walk down to the river at Loreto di Tallano.

Of course, 15 years can dull the memory slightly and what I’d been led to believe was a short 15-20 minute walk on a fairly flat path, turned out to be part of the ‘Mare a Mare’ hiking trail which runs from Porto Vecchio on one side of the island to Porto Pollo on the other!

Fortunately, when we arrived at the river, the spot was so gorgeous that I managed to forget all about the rock track with the steep gradient, and was happy to settle myself on the little ‘beach’ beside the river, and listen to the water cascading over the rocks.

I’d managed to get sunburnt on the beach the day before, so I was delighted to find trees lining the banks which provided me with dappled natural shade from the searing hot sunshine.

It wasn’t long before someone came up with the brilliant plan of swimming up to the shallow cascades and sitting in amongst the rocks so that the water could massage away our various aches and pains. Although the water wasn’t particularly deep, the currents were amazingly strong so faced with a choice of a spot of aerobic ‘contre current’ swimming or a snooze on the bank, it took me all of 3 seconds to make my decision!

Had we had more time and less injuries, we would have walked from Loreto di Tallano to Saint Lucie de Tallano for lunch (about 2hrs), then stopped off at the river on the way back as the track is varied and interesting, but that’s a plan for another day.

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