Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cippiniello, Baracci & Vitricella - a trio of beaches!

This morning we’d intended to be on the beach bright and early, as we were going to attempt a sport of trespassing! Whilst technically there are no private beaches in Corsica, some are bordered completely by private land, making access impossible except by boat.

We’d decided to go to the far end of Baracci plage and try a spot of ‘escalade’ to get to the Plage de Cippiniello which is one such beach. Unfortunately, after a rather nasty near-amputation injury the day before, proper rock/hiking shoes were out of the question, so we quickly abandoned plan A, and headed back to the car and on to Vitricella.

We found a fabulous spot just at the waters edge and backed by trees in case we needed to retreat from the sun. It wasn’t long before we were joined by first one young family and then another, keen to make the most of the shallow waters and thick golden sand – the very best for making sand castles!

Within 2 hours, I felt like a giant in the land of midgets (not for the first time in Corsica!) and we were surrounded by toddlers of all nationalities. Some of the parents were apologetic that our bit of R&R in the sun had gone for a burton, so we decided to return the consideration and leave them to it so that the kids could laugh and scream to their hearts content with a clear conscience!

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  1. Very nice beaches. I like the fact they are all secluded unlike many other beaches in corsica, packed with tourists in summer.. thanks for sharing