Saturday, 7 August 2010

Foire de Baracci (Baracci Country Fair)

During July and August it seems that there is a fair on every week (well, perhaps not quite!) but this weekend was the Foire de Baracci.

As usual there was very little publicity for what is locally a very important event. The banner over the road to Olmeto had been scrunched up by the wind and there were just a few fluorescent arrows along the road.  Helpfully, these had also fallen victim to the wind and they were all facing in contradictory directions, so I was amazed that anyone actually found the thing!

The surrounding fields had been mown to provide free and easy parking, but of course the thought of walking 30m was too much for the locals, so they most of them had parked in the middle of the road, literally along the white lines so there is no room to pass in either direction unless your car is the size of a Tonka toy!

This one is definitely worth a visit though as the setting is absolutely lovely and so rural you'd never believe you are only about 1km from the sea and the fabulous beaches of the Valinco. There was the usual selection of local produce such as olive oils, jams, trinkets, jewellery, oil paintings and some impressive water colours.

The kids were well catered for by Baracci Natura who’d rigged up a zip wire in the trees surrounding the tennis courts. Goodness knows how they did it in time as none of it was there when I’d walked by first thing in the morning.

Behind the tennis courts the local commune had made sure the swings and slides had been cleared before the fair, and there there was also a manège (merry-go-round) on the tennis courts. M. d’Istria was there to offer donkey rides as usual, but this time they had to run the gauntlet of the flock of sheep that had moved into the second tennis court and seem to have eaten the net…

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