Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Svegliu d'Isula in concert, Propriano

I’d seen the banners all over town advertising the Svegliu d’Isula concert on port in Propriano for the 14th August, but for some reason it’d been postponed until the Tuesday, so we decided to pop along, have dinner on the port and watch the free concert afterwards.

I really fancied Riva Bella but all the tables had been reserved, which is no surprise really when you consider that their terrace has the perfect view over the make-shift stage on the quay. Eventually we found a spot on the terrace of the No Stress Café which was a miracle given the number of people in the town.

It was only a week or so ago that we’d seen them perform at the Foire de Baracci, so I was worried it might just be a repeat performance, but we both commented on the fact that although some of the songs were the same, there was a really different feel to this performance.

The new camera excelled itself and I managed to get some fabulous photos of Anthony Secondi (one of the singers) and also Sébastien Tramoni (singer, composer & interpretor), but what was great was that there were obviously lots of family members in the crowd – unsurprisingly as they are all local to the Valinco-Sartènais.

This is the last concert of the summer season, and they all seemed a bit ‘demob-happy’; laughing and joking with each other, and involving the crowd. The other concerts have been nothing but professional performances, so it was nice to see them really enjoying this one. Roll on next summer!

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