Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Restaurant A Marinasca, Portigliolo

This morning was one of excitement – first, the new sofa finally arrived after the delivery van had managed to drive into the stone archway knocking out a couple of supporting stones, and then we had to do emergency first aid after I nearly amputated F’s toe whilst we were shifting the old sofa out of the way!

What we should have done is go straight to the hospital at Sartène or at the very least, the pharmacy for some steri-strips. What we actually did was go for lunch at the Restaurant A Marinasca in the hope of anaesthetising the foot with a drop of Saparale rosé wine!

We’ve been to this restaurant before and what I like about it is that the food is always delicious, but they change the menu which doesn’t tend to happen too often in Corsica. This time we chose the gnoccheti with mushrooms, red onions, cherry tomatoes and mussels (yummy!) and the dish of the day which was spinach spaghetti with a delicious home made pesto sauce, white fish and cherry tomatoes.

lthough we were chatting in French, the waiter obviously picked up on my English accent and was keen to impress us with his linguistics. Sadly, they only extended to ‘there you go, enjoy your meal’ but at least he tried bless him!

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