Saturday, 28 August 2010

Plage de Capo Loroso

With the temperatures up near to the 40’s again and a gammy knee, a visit to the beach seemed just what the doctor ordered.

We didn’t want to go far and I was a bit bored with the Plage Arena Biance, so we continued on just a few metres more, and then followed the track leading down to the collection of little sandy crescents along the Plage de Capo Loroso.

This is a beach I often come to in the winter because it’s quite sheltered, but also because the huge granite boulders which form the natural barriers between each scalloped section are ideal for a spot of escalade to make my winter fitness regime a little more challenging (depending on the right footware of course!).

Today, the colours were so impressive; the water seemed to shift between green and blue, and with my polarised sunglasses – an absolute must in Corsica – I could make out every contour below the surface for a fair distance.

Amazingly for August the beach really wasn’t busy at all. There were a few people dotted along the sand, the odd snorkeler here and there, plus some small children fishing – we could hear the screams of delight when they caught a tiddler!

Soon our attention was caught by two women who’d obviously invested in a new fangled exercise device from what I suspect is the French equivalent of QVC. We watched as they attached what looked like a perforated steamer to their feet and then push against the water to create resistence. I can’t help feeling though that it might have been more effective if they’d had two each rather than sharing a pair!

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