Sunday, 8 August 2010

Olmeto Plage

I’d managed to pull a calf muscle climbing over a gate on private land (trespassing is not something I’d recommend generally speaking!), so as it didn’t get any better with my morning walk, I decided that as I was already halfway to Olmeto Plage, I’d see if a swim would help.

Sunday mornings are the best time for the beach in August. Those arriving on the flights from the UK haven’t yet arrived, and those already here tend to have a well earned lie-in, so there was just a smattering of people dotted along the sand.

This is absolutely my favourite stretch of beach in the Valinco – perhaps in Corsica – so after my swim I was happy to amuse myself with a spot of people watching. The bay was full of boats of all descriptions; dinghies to yachts, sailing boats to little motorboats, but by far the most interesting was the one that looked like they had a nun on board...

I’d only got the little camera with me as opposed to the one with the huge zoom, so I had to wonder in ignorance for quite a while before they came close enough to the shore for me to work out that it was actually a teatowel and not a wimple she was wearing which did make a bit more sense when you come to think about it!

There was even an ‘ahh’ moment when I caught sight of the kids fishing from the rocks. They had a long cane fishing rod that was dangling into the shallows so I wasn’t sure they’d catch anything larger than a tiddler, but they seemed content.

There is no peace for the wicked and after about an hour I heard the familiar tunes of the mobile ringing in my bag so it was time to limp back to work. It was then that I discovered that my car is front wheel drive which came as a bit of a relief as otherwise I would have been calling one of the much maligned 4x4 drivers to come and get the car out of the little ditch next to where I’d parked...

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