Friday, 6 August 2010

Responsible Tourism

August in Corsica brings two things in abundance; dust and camping cars. The dust I can cope with (especially when people write friendly notes on the back of my car!), but the camping cars can be a bit of a menace. This was brought home to me this morning whilst we were out walking and came across a very ‘green’ notice written on a recyclable paper bag and attached with twigs.

It seems that a campervan had illegally camped overnight next to the river, leaving behind all kinds of detritus even including old pots and a camping stove (not something you should leave lying around in the shrubbery on an island as dry as tinderwood). OK, so the shepherd cleared it up this time, but who will be there next time?

It got me thinking that a timely reminder about responsible tourism wouldn’t go amiss…

1. Don’t litter! Mum always told us to put our rubbish in our pockets or a bag and take it home with us - sound advice.

2. Avoid picking wild flowers as they may be endangered.

3. Dispose of cigarettes carefully – approximately a third of the island is wooded and it only takes a moment of carelessness to destroy hectares and hectares of countryside.

4. Take an interest in the community in which you are staying and behave in a way that will not offend local people or their beliefs, or more importantly damage the land or endanger their livelihoods.

5. Be aware that water supplies can be limited - take showers as opposed to baths, try use washing machines and dishwashers sparingly, and only when full.

6. Don’t leave air-conditioning units running when you go out. The locals have dealt with the heat for years with the use of shutters. The simple ideas are often the best!

OK, lecture over!!

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