Friday, 27 August 2010

Restaurant A Madunnina, Sartène

I’d been invited to eat out with friends at ‘A Madunnina’; which is affectionately known as the fireman’s café given it’s proximity to the main fire station. On the basis that any activity with the word ‘fireman’ in it has to be fun, we soon found ourselves on the terrace faced with the usual dilemma of what to order.

Benny (11) has been practicing his French, so he gallantly suggested that he order for everyone. We all fancied pizzas but there was lots of negotiations for ‘sharesies’, so how he managed to remember what everyone wanted is beyond me! Pizzas were followed by scrummy desserts of chocolate fondant, caramel flan and ice cream all washed down with a tot of the excellent locally made liqueurs.

Luckily Benny kept us entertained by leading a scintillating discussion on the merits of Sweden and Scandinavia in general(!) before the waiter arrived and we thought we’d entered into negotations for the amount of the tip we’d left, but fortunately he told us that he found it ‘reasonable’. Probably just as well!

What a fab evening out!

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