Saturday, 31 July 2010

Filitosa - Fiera di u Turismu Campagnolu (Filitosa Country Fair)

It’s not easy to amuse yourself in the queue for the post office, but luckily I’d found a leaflet on the counter for the Foire de Filitosa, an organic/agricultural fair next to the prehistoric site of Filitosa.

As well as all the farm type produce; cheeses, oils, charcuterie (cured meats) etcetera, this fair has a real ‘homemade’ feel to it with people selling artisanal jams, jewellery, leather good and even hand made wicker baskets.

It was another scorcher today and I was glad that someone had had the foresight to put up some sail type affairs so that we could wander from stall to stall in the shade. There were a good few stalls but also, spit roast pigs and refreshments as well as some entertainment for the kiddies (and big kids) with a gyroscope and climbing wall supervised by the local firemen.

As you’d expect from a countryside fair, there were animals pens with sheep and horses, but what really caught my eye were the ‘vache tigre’ (tiger cows). I couldn’t believe they would be what I was imagining, so I decided to pop along and see for myself! In fact, they turned out to be HUGE cows with the same markings as Corsinu dogs which look a bit like tiger stripes.

It doesn’t bear thinking about how M. Abbatucci created this hybrid. The bull was terrifying and I would quite see why they had put a rope barrier about 2m back from his actual pen, but the calf was so cute I almost considered getting one to stable it on my balcony…

All thoughts of cute cows went out of the window once I caught sight of the donkeys. Sadly, I thought they might collapse from exhaustion if I tried to take advantage of the 3€ tours of the fields, but they were incredibly cute.

Then I saw the babies! 3 and 4 months old respectively and they let us pet them and stroke their ears. One mad woman got a bit carried away and wanted her photo taken kissing the donkey and got rather more than she’d bargained for…

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