Sunday, 11 July 2010

Whale watching in Corsica

Each year, the Corsica Mare Osservazione, as well as most of the companies offering excursions by boat around the island, take part in a project to document the whales, dolphins and sperm whales that inhabit the waters surrounding Corsica.

The idea is to observe these magnificent mammals in their natural habitats. Apparently someone asked if they could throw bits of bread to entice them closer to the boats like we do when we go fishing, but the bloke said they'd need a whole ferry load of crumbs, so we didn’t bother!

These beautiful creatures tend to return to the same areas year after year, and in fact you can hear on the video below the story (in French) on Marina, a whale that was injured by a boat and is therefore easily identifiable by her deformed back.

Marina, unlike most whales and dolphins, does not migrate to warmer waters in the winter, so she can often be spotted off the coast even during the winter.

Obviously given that these are mammals in their natural environment, you can never guarantee to spot them, but this was a particularly good trip with whales swimming happily alongside the boat, although the dolphins were obviously hiding!

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