Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Restaurant Aria Marina, Cappiciolo

I am easily tempted to naughtiness, so when someone suggests lunch at the beach, I’ve normally got my shoes on and am halfway to the car before they’ve finished the sentence!

As today was also my day off, we knew we had time to venture a little further, and we decided to head round the other side of the bay to Cappiciolo. Years ago, we used to come to this glorious stretch of sand as there was a little ‘grillade’ place right on the beach.

In the last 15 years, the place has changed enormously, and where there was once a rough parking area, there is now a hotel with magnificent grounds, the restaurant has been extended, and there is even a swimming pool! The original restaurant has even been turned into a collection of luxury suites – wow!

We settled ourselves right at the edge of the beach under one of the Caribbean style parasols. It was so hot that we didn’t bother looking at the grilled fishes and various other speciality dishes, but settled on a couple of colourful salads.

It was whilst I was munching my way through the smoked salmon, crab and huge gambas style prawns that we spotted the smoke rising from the other side of the bay. The wind was blowing towards the town, so it wasn’t long before were treated to an aerial display by the Canadairs.

The dunes here are home to all sorts of indigenous plants, so structured walkways have been laid to encourage people to avoid trampling them too much. Sadly, the proprietor isn’t too enamoured of the new system and I cynically suspect that the wooden walkways will come in very useful for the winter BBQ soirees!

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