Sunday, 11 July 2010

Baracci Natura

I need a lot of exercise (probably something to do with all that yummy cheese I eat!) and I am easily bored, so when our local shepherd said that I could walk on his land, I jumped at the chance! What I didn’t realise was that the walking track starts at Baracci Natura, so as I was there anyway, I thought I’d take the time to be nosy...

In Corsica, it’s amazing how quickly you can pass from the seaside to the wilds of the countryside, and this place is definitely in the countryside category, so I was surprised to see a row of hard hats and wetsuits dancing in the breeze. It turns out that they do all sorts there; Canyoning, Via Ferrata and even and adventure park – blimey!

I’ve actually been walking in the Baracci Canyon (above) which it turns out is about 15 minutes upstream. I really must get myself on an orienteering course as I had approached it from the otherside and had no idea the two were connected. The Canyon is accessible to anyone from about 10 years upwards and includes jumps, slides, rope bridges, swimming and water shutes - eek!

The adventure park consists of 50 obstacles along two courses lasting approximately 1h 30 for the two courses combined. I looked at the first climbing wall to get onto the course and quickly decided that I needed to be a bit fitter to try that! However, they do have a smaller park for the kiddies (aged 5 and above) which can be combined with the larger park which is for kids or older children and ‘big kids’ alike!

I’m not quite sure if we have a name for Via Ferrata in English, but basically it’s a circuit of about 1h30 across rope bridges, down zip lines, across bars, up/down ladders, a bit of abseiling and some climbing – PHEW! I can't really tell the difference between Via Ferrata and the Adventure Park. One seems a more extreme version of the other, but given my propensity for bizarre and often fairly serious accidents, probably best for me to remain in blissful ignorance!

They asked me if I wanted to try, but as I am such a cowardy custard where heights are concerned, I decided to stick to my walking and leave the more adventurous stuff to the adrenaline junkies!

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