Sunday, 18 July 2010

Plage Campitellu

We knew it’d bee a hot one today and we weren’t wrong – 37 degrees by 11:30am – so we chose a beach on a headland where we hoped we’d find a little bit of a breeze.

Against my better judgement (I was all for a nice ‘grasse matinée’ lie-in), we were on the beach shortly after 8am to stake our claim to a nice spot. At that time of the morning, the amateur fishermen are out in the bay casting their rods, as much for the peace and solitude as for any real hope of catching something to pop on the BBQ for lunch.

It was already hotting up nicely, so we settled in for a snooze on the sand, but it wasn’t long before our secluded little corner of paradise was invaded by others with the same idea – who could blame them! Luckily even in July and August there is still room for everyone without feeling like Sardines as you do on the cote d’Azur.

We watched as the huge yachts that had been moored overnight in the bay made their way one by one out into the open waters. There was some serious money on the water today, and we agreed that it was probably just as well we didn’t have a yacht as the petrol alone for some of these huge beasts would set you back a small fortune.

It was another victory for the new canon with it’s 20x zoom though, as we were able to be nosy paparazzo style and really get a glimpse into how the other half live. However, having taken a couple of identical shots with both cameras to test the quality, I have to say that the little powershot certainly held its own.

The plan was to stay on the beach until lunchtime and then eat at Chez Angele which is a very rustic beachside paillote. The only slight disappointment of the day was that they seem to have tried to upgrade it to a proper restaurant so that it no longer fits the simple surroundings, so we decided to head just a couple of minutes round the bay to ‘la Crique’ instead...

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