Monday, 19 July 2010

Petit Niagra Waterfall

Back in April we’d been to get to the Petit Niagra waterfalls, but to get to flat rocks and really appreciate the fast moving water gushing over the smooth rocks, you have to cross the river.

Last time the water levels were too high, but today they were just perfect. I completely forgot to pack my rock shoes – d’Oh! – but luckily the water in the top pool wasn’t too deep with a sandy bed, so I just scooped up my flipflops and waded over accompanied by three random dogs.

The views from this side are absolutely incredible and we were lucky enough to have the place almost to ourselves. My new toy (Canon SX20 camera) also takes videos so you can hear the roaring of the water.

The rocks are pitted with pools – some deep enough to completely submerge yourself in and others shallow enough just to paddle. Although the sun was roasting, the water was refreshingly cool (perhaps a bit too cool!), and it was actually a welcome relief to lie on the rocks which were still cool from the drop in temperature over night.

We stayed a couple of hours which was enough to top up the tan and de-stress, and definitely enough to do my back in! As we were getting changed, I spotted some tadpoles in one of the little pools at the edge by the vegetation. Where there are tadpoles there are invariably frogs...

I was just quick enough to snap this little guy before the cries of delight from the teenagers using the rocks as an impromptu water slide scared him away. What a fabulous change from the beach...

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