Friday, 23 July 2010


We had a free afternoon and desperately wanted to go off and do something a bit different to divert ourselves. After a quick discussion, we decided to head down to Bonifacio on the basis that there is always wind there so it would be a bit cooler. Of course, we never made it that far…

OK, so it was the afternoon and it was already 34 degrees when we left, but as we headed down the west coast the temperature was creeping up and up so that by the time we arrived at Pianotolli-Calderello, it was up to 38 degrees and we had to stop and buy water before we were dry roasted in the car!

We decided there and then to abandon ideas for a walk along the Falaises at Bonifacio as it was just too hot. By chance, there is a little turning just a few metres from the shop where we’d stopped, that goes down to a series of beautiful crescent shaped sandy beaches. Decision made!

I have only ever been to these beaches out of season and I was surprised by how busy they get in the summer. That said, it’s no surprise really; shallow turquoise waters, golden sand and some stunning rock formations for anoraks like me who like that sort of thing!

We paddled out to the flat rocks and sat there with our legs in the water. There was a lovely cool breeze and although we’d put sun cream on when we left the car, I probably should have topped it up every 15 minutes or so as I didn’t notice until it was too late that my ‘bronzage agricole’ (t-shirt shaped suntan) is now worse than ever – drats!!

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