Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Porto Pollo

Today was an interesting day; I discovered a new beach (which doesn’t happen all that often these days), and also found out that what I thought was a house was actually a church!

Strictly speaking, I did actually know of this beach as I’d seen it before when I was visiting the site of the Marines de Porto Pollo, but I had no idea how to get to it. As it was a beautiful day again today – 18 degrees at 2pm – I decided to go off and explore.

Just before you get to the main village of Porto Pollo, there is a little collection of shops with a café, so I decided to park here and poke about a bit on foot. I knew that sooner or later there would be a little cut through from the road to the beach – there always is! I glanced to the side as I passed the first house and saw a bell which is when I realised it was actually a church.

I walked right round and was amazed that it was no bigger than a single car garage! There was nothing to give the name of the church and a Google search when I got back didn’t throw anything up either. Hopefully one of my Corsican Facebook friends might know.

There was a little path to the left of the church and being a nosy sort I decided to follow it to the end where it opened up onto the most beautiful stretch of sand.

There had been a few waves on the other side of the bay, but amazingly here there was barely a ripple. I walked along towards the village, nosily peering into gardens along the way. People here obviously love their boats as there were lots of buoys and chains anchored to rocks along the way.

Cloud had been forecast for this afternoon but it was so clear that from where I'd settled myself on the sand, I could see right across the bay to Propriano and the Chemin des Plages.

The sun was so warm and there was hardly a sound apart from the water lapping the shore. It was quite soporific, especially as I’d brought my beach bag complete with cushion for my head, but luckily the French now produce a version of ‘Closer’ magazine, so the gossip managed to keep me awake until it was time to go.

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  1. how beautiful! if you find out what the church is let us know! so cool!