Monday, 29 March 2010

Cupabia beach

Driving in Corsica at this time of year is a real pleasure; virtually no one on the roads and masses of colourful wild flowers lining the roadside. I even had a ‘Little House on the Prairie’ moment when I came across this tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere!

It’s not often that I find myself at Cupabia at this time of year because a) there is normally a herd of cows grazing on the beach and I am terrified of cows, and b) did I mention the cows?

Luckily today they were obviously off on their Easter hols as I had the beach all to myself except for a little fishing boat laying their nets in the bay.

Cupabia is basically a collection of fine white sand dunes and, to quote the film, the river runs through it. There is a little estuary where the river meets the sea, and like at Casabianca, the course of the river had managed to cut a channel in the dune that resembled a natural harbour.

The water was amazingly clear and still, so the reflections were virtually undisturbed by ripples, so of course, it wasn’t long before I had wet feet where I was so busy looking at the scenery and not watching the waves from the other side! It probably wasn’t one of my smartest ideas to wear my trainers - wet sand and black suede isn’t generally one of those combinations that work well together.

Despite the ‘ciel voile’, it was amazingly warm and on the way back to the car I amused myself by looking at all the tiny plants that seem to spring up from nowhere in the middle of the sand. At this time of year the back of the beach is a carpet of tiny pink flowers, but I also found miniature succulents and some gorgeous tiny yellow plants.

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