Saturday, 6 March 2010

Musée departmental d’Alta Rocca, Levie

Saturday is a working day for me, so I was really disappointed this morning when my friend sent on this last minute invitation to a lecture by Antoine Serpentini and Eugène Gherardi at the Musée departmental d’Alta Rocca in Levie, as I already have meetings lined up.

The museum is best known for the Dame de Bonifacio - the remains of a young woman which have been carbon dated to 6570 BC proving that Corsica was inhabited in prehistoric times. Her skeleton was found in the ancient cave shelter of Araguina-Sennola, near the village of Capello north of Bonifacio and is now resident at the Museum in Levie. However, they also hold interesting cultural exhibitions from time to time, and it seems that the exhibition to accompany today’s lecture runs until the end of the Month so perhaps I will be lucky after all!

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