Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Plage du Phare

The Plage du Lido and Plage du Phare are basically two ends of the same beach. I tend to favour the Lido end because it’s so easy to step straight from the parking area onto the beach, but today I fancied a change.

We can see the lighthouse from where we live, but I have never actually visited, so having parked just along from the U Fanale restaurant, I decided to explore. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realised that as part of the development of the port, the lighthouse has now been closed off to the public, so I had to get creative!

After some recent wind, the sand had obligingly stacked up against the retaining wall at the far end, so I decided to climb up and walk along so that I could photograph the other side. Of course, those who know me will have realised this was a mistake as I am terrified of heights!

I was terrified I would be blown off the wall and surely fall to my death, which is ridiculous as sadly I had enough ballast to keep me grounded in the (very) slight breeze! I made it about half way before I was crawling along clinging to the wall, and realised that I should just give up! Next time, I shall just stay on the sand...

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