Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lac de l'Ospedale

When Karen posted this photo of her dog in the Forêt de Bonifatu on facebook this week, there was absolutely no question in my mind that I’d be heading up to the mountains at the first opportunity!

My route took me through Sainte Lucie de Tallano. There is a fabulous view over the red tiled roofs down to the valley that I have been wanting to take for ages, but it’s right on a bend so it’s never safe to stop just at the right point. Helpfully someone has cleared some ground ready to build, so I was finally able to get the shot I wanted – hurrah!

At Zonza, I had to make a choice; Bavella or l’Ospedale. I could see that the Bavella Needles were covered in snow, but I was really keen to see the Lake in the Forêt de l’Ospedale as it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

L’Ospedale is a man made lake created with a dam at the foot of punta di Corbu in the forest of Ospedale. Last time I visited, the water level was low and all the stumps of the trees that were felled to create the lake were visible. Today, it was glorious with the vibrant blue and green reflections on the water.

The bark at the edge of the lake was also fascinating. This area is know for the pines and pine bark is quite flaky which had made all sorts of interesting shapes and patterns.

Considering that I’m such a sun worshiper, I am strangely obsessed by snow, particularly when there are blue skies and sunshine too. Last week we’d had up to 80cm of snow fall across the central mountains, but as I’d been able to have breakfast on the balcony in a tee-shirt, I wasn’t confident I’d find any.

Although l’Ospedale was completely clear, there was still a fair bit at the Col d’Illarata, so it wasn’t long before I found myself tramping through the snow searching for things to make a snowman with!

I’d expected the snow to be quite slushy because the sun was beating down but it was really solid and icy. It was surprisingly warm so it wasn’t long before I’d given up the idea of a walk at Piscia di Gallo and instead, the snowman and I found ourselves stretched out on a flat rock catching the rays, sadly with mixed results - today will be the first day I’ll need a spot of aftersun...


  1. Luna looks great!!! I have never seen the Barrage d'Ospedale with water in it before - even though I have been there in February that just proves how much rain we have had this winter!! And snow...but hopefully that means we won't have any water shortages this summer. Sorry to put anon but have no idea what a URL is!! Karen

  2. I know what you mean because I've never seen it looking quite so full either. Normally one or two stumps visible at the edge but NOTHING this time. Fingers crossed the cold winter will lead onto a scorching summer like last year... C