Friday, 19 March 2010

Casabianca Beach

Today was one of those days that felt more like June than mid-March – it was so clear that you could see for miles and the colours were just amazing.

When I was at Porto Pollo a few days ago, I could see right across the bay and it looked like the estuary at the Plage Casabianca had actually closed up.

Each year the course of the river changes according to the tides and the winds which makes for some beautiful ponds and sand dunes. As it turns out, the river had carved a channel through the dunes making the shape of a natural harbour with what looked like an island of sand between the river and the sea.

Along the banks of the river, the water had carved some interesting shapes and the birds had taken up residence in what they clearly thought was their new reserve! The river was quite full so there was no way across to the opposite side without wading and I wasn’t equipped for that!

Coming from the other direction you can walk all the way from the soft pale crescent at Portigliolo to the huge golden dunes of Propriano, but walking in the thick soft sand is more of a workout than walking on packed earth or concrete, so it wasn’t long before I decided that this was definitely one for another day!

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