Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Walking in Corsica - Spelunca Gorge

I have wanted to walk the Spelunca Gorge for as long as I can remember. I first saw it from the road, but you really don’t get any idea of the sheer scale until you are on foot.

The gorge links the villages of Evisa and Ota via an old mule track which has now been restored using stones from the site and using the traditional methods. For the most part, the track is more a collection of rocks than a path so in many places you will find yourself walking like you are on stepping stones, but trust me, it’s worth it.

I chose to do the most picturesque section from Les Deux Ponts (follow the D124 to Ota and you can’t miss the starting point of two bridges) to the Pont A Zaglia which is an old Genoise bridge. The route follows the left side of the gorge, and I particularly liked the first section which was closer to the floor of the gorge and has good access to the lovely rock pools and mini-waterfalls as well as large flat rocks which many hikers were using to sunbath.

Of course I had forgotten to bring the guide with me so I had no idea how long the walk would take or ever roughly how far along I was, but between the two points took approximately 40 minutes going and a few minutes more to get back. The Pont A Zaglia is quite a feat of engineering for the time and I was miffed to find that the best spot for photos was already taken by some picnickers, so I had to content myself with scaling down the bank to the middle of the river to get the shot I wanted. One bloody leg and a grazed knee later, and I was on my way back.

This is a relatively easy walk for all the family if the kids are fairly agile (not one for tiny tots), and it was easy to find the way by either following everyone else – there were quite a few visitors even for early season – or the orange waymarkers or cairns. After the Pont A Zaglia, the route starts to climb up to Evisa, so this extension is probably more for the serious walkers/hikers.

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