Sunday, 10 May 2009

Any given Sunday

The forecast for today was rain but with temperatures up in the 30’s and a warm sirocco wind, it felt more like July than early May. Although it was a working day, as the weather was so glorious we still managed to find a couple of hours to head off to the Arena Bianca beach in the afternoon.

The beach was almost deserted apart from a couple of locals and two German tourists who settled themselves under the pine trees in the shade. The sea was as flat as a millpond despite the breeze, but nowhere near warm enough for me to swim so we stayed on the beach catching the late afternoon sun whilst Guillaume collected bits of seaweed from the rocks to decorate his sand castles. The sand here is too coarse for proper ‘chateaux’ – Porto Pollo and Campomoro are much better for that - but we managed a couple of nice Genoese towers instead!

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