Monday, 18 May 2009

Parc de Saleccia

It was Jan and Iain who recommended the Parc de Saleccia to me after they visited at Easter with their grandchildren. I’d often passed the sign on the main road, but for some reason never been tempted to visit – what a mistake!

The park is really well organised with a laminated map to show first time visitors the best route round the gardens. There are separate sections such as the Mediterranean Gardens and information posts all along the path to explain the importance of certain specimens such as the olive tree, mulberry trees and of course the maquis.

What I really liked about it was how family friendly the whole place was. I arrived just behind a large French family and the children were given laminated sheets of flowers that they had to find within the grounds to win a little prize. Their excitement lasted about 5 minutes until the lady at the ticket booth mentioned the goats, and it was clear where they were heading first!

There were also some unexpected surprises along the way such as the metal animal sculptures including a huge colourful giraffe, a baby elephant, a vulture perched on a tree root and even a monkey swinging from one of the branches!

With ponds, and little quiet spots for the adults, childrens play areas and huge lawns, this really is one for all the family. I particularly liked the ‘Jardin des 4 couleurs’ (garden of 4 colours) which is a circular seating area with four separate walled gardens leading off in different directions. I suspect the colours change with the seasons, but were lucky enough to have yellows, pinks, whites and blues.

The walk finished back at the refreshment area and gift shop where you can pick up some locally made jams, olive oil, honey, essential oils and soaps. I shall definitely be back when I’ve got more time to dawdle and really appreciate the gardens to the full.

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