Monday, 11 May 2009

Corsican Wine in the spotlight

Corsican wine has been in the spotlight today with a press event held at La Trouville restaurant in Soho.

From remarkable rosés, legendary Muscats, delicious white wines and powerful red wines for keeping, Corsica ranks alongside some of the great wine families because of the originality of their style of wine with no less that 9 AOC's. These, together with the vins de pays and vines for varietal wines makes Corsica the third largest wine-producing Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia.

Corsica is an island of extremes; from the snow at an altitude of 2000 metres to the inviting turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, and an exceptional sunshine record to earth that is both stony and humid. All this, makes for a superb, untouched natural environment in which to grow old vines and produce wine using some of the most cutting-edge wine-making techniques.

Click HERE for more information about some of our favourite vignerons…

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