Saturday, 30 May 2009

Plage de Campitellu & the Tour de Calanca

It was absolutely sweltering today, so I decided to abandon plans for a sandwich on the balcony in favour of a lunchtime siesta on the beach. I didn’t have long so I decided to head to the plage de Campitellu. This section of beach is a protected area of coastline and is very beautiful. It is also dominated by a stunning Genoese tower – La Tour de Calanca.

The beach was relatively busy, but then it is Saturday so that’s hardly surprising. The beach has two distinct areas; to the right is a sweep of golden sand which was busy with families, but I headed left to the rocks where I managed to find a little cove all to myself.

I’d chosen Campitellu specifically as there is often wind here, and with temperatures of over 30 degrees, I thought the breeze would be a welcome relief from the heat. I stayed just long enough for a quick dip as the sea was so inviting and then a short snooze on the sand while I dried off, but what a lovely interlude to the day!

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