Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Walking in Corsica - Plateau de Coscione

When I sneaked off to do the Piscia di Gallo walk on my day off last week, I noticed that there was still snow on the Monte Incudine Massif behind Zonza, so this week for our Wednesday excursion we decided to head up to the Plateau de Coscione and see if we could find some snow.

April 2008

Full of excitement and trepidation - last year in April I managed to fall off the edge of the path and end up waist deep in snow - off we went with a car full of stuff to make snow men! Sadly, we hadn’t banked on it being 24 degrees and bright sunshine, so what we actually found were meadows full of flowers, wild horses grazing and waterfalls.

May 2009

We were hoping that the restaurant at the top would be open but it was still too early in the season, so once we’d walked a bit and picnicked on chocolate cookies, we decided to head back down to civilisation for lunch at the Auberge du Sanglier in Zonza.

Today was a bit of a wildlife day as we’d already seen magnificent wild horses and cows when we came across a huge pig trotting along the side of the road. I was really disappointed not to catch a photo, but as we continued down we got a real treat as we came across a whole herd of pigs (is that right? I’ve just realised I don’t know the word for a group of pigs) grazing by the side of the road so we stopped for yet another photo opportunity. The pigs in Corsica can get a bit over-enthusiastic where food is concerned, and having previously seen the shoe of a small child being eaten by pigs after some Italian tourists dangled her in front of their noses, we decided to keep our distance!

All in all, it was a shame that we didn’t see the snow this time, but we have discovered that this is a place for summer as much as winter, and we’ll be back during the season…

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