Thursday, 7 May 2009


Today was one of those days when work and pleasure turned out to be the same thing! I had to go down to Tizzano to photograph the Residence les Dunes for directCorsica, so while I was there I decided to make the most of the trip and explore a little bit.

The weather today was perfect for photos, and as the residence is only 20m from the sea, I couldn’t resist. The beach here is sand and rocky outcrops like we have in the Valinco, but the rocks are a deep red colour rather than the grey granite, and the sand is very fine and a much paler colour, so the contrast with the blue of the sea was really striking.

It was 26 degrees with hardly a breeze, so I was beginning to wish I’d brought my beach gear so I could join the other sunbathers dotted along the beach, but I remembered that there was a really pretty little jetty the other side of the village near to Chez Antoine, so I pressed on. The restaurant was busy as always which is no surprise when you see the views.

The little stretch of beach and shallow waters are bordered by the restaurant Chez Antoine and the Bar l’Escale next door, which was surrounded by the reddest geraniums I think I have ever seen.

Both places were also surrounded by lots of Swiss and German visitors who turned out to be on a stage of the RALLYE KORSIKA with their vintage cars. You often see groups of cyclists and motorbikes at this time of year and I have seen the vintage cars before in convoy but never had the chance to inspect them up close.

They were absolutely beautiful and I can only imagine the amount of time and care it takes to keep them in such pristine condition. My thoughts went to Guillaume who would have loved it (but probably have been unable to keep his hands off them), and Derek, a friend of my parents (same goes for him!). One guy had even rigged up an umbrella to shade the drivers seat of his convertible Jaguar.

Very Creative!!

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