Sunday, 17 May 2009

Restaurant À Coté in Ajaccio

We were looking for something authentic, and had been recommended to ‘La Maison’ restaurant which is tucked in one of the narrows streets behind the cathedrale in Ajaccio. The menu looked really tasty and I was keen to try the veal with olives, but there were no tables left outside and as it was 25 degrees and quite humid, we decided to press on and look for something else.

In the end we plumped for the À Coté which has a little view of the Cathedrale through the palm fringes. The terrace was just next to the road but we didn’t find that too much of a problem until a coach parked opposite with its motor running. Arrggh!

Fortunately, the meal was tasty – we both chose the Salad Repas ‘Le Corsaire’ which was a green salad with tasty goats cheese parcels, pancetta, mushrooms and tomatos, followed by crème brulée and coffee, but for me the highlight was the aperitif which was a sparkling Muscat (pétillant) from the Domaine Casanova. Light, fruity and I could have enjoyed 2 or 3 more had I not had work to do!

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