Saturday, 2 May 2009

Muscat Pétillant while the sun sets

What a strange day it has been. It was bright and sunny with more than 23 degrees and clear blue skies by 10am, an April shower that obviously didn't know we're now in May at lunchtime, and now I am sitting on the balcony at nearly 9pm with a glass of the new Muscat Pétillant (sparkling Muscat) watching the sun set over the sea – this is the life!

Muscat is a sweet apéritif produced predominantly in the north of the island around the Cap Corse/Patrimonio area. One of my favourites is the Muscat produced by the Domaine Lazzarini but recently in restaurants they have started offering a sparkling variety which is absolutely delicious, so imagine how excited I was to find it not only in the local supermarket but also available online! I shall be placing an order toute de suite…

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