Thursday, 16 September 2010

Restaurant U Corsu, Propriano

When we eat out in Propriano, we tend to stick to the restaurants with terraces overlooking the port so that we can admire the views, which is nonsense really as it’s always dark! This time, we fancied some traditional Corsican dishes like Sanglier (wild boar) and Saute de Veau (free range veal), so for a change we decided to try the U Corsu.

I haven’t eaten here for about 3 years, but it was excellent. We even managed to persuade the nice waiter to let us have some of the fig tart for dessert which wasn’t on the set menu, but is so delicious that I would have happily paid double for!

After a quick chat in Franglais about Morticians (the waiter was trying to explain his job as a ‘Croque-Mort’ which apparently is what the French call Morticians because in years gone by they would have bitten the feet of deceased to make sure they were really dead!), we started to ponder why this restaurant seems to be much cheaper than the others. The obvious answer is because it doesn’t have the magnificent sea views, but after watching a couple of 4x4’s and the odd motorcycle misjudge the turning at breakneck speed, we decided that it was probably because anyone sitting at the tables on the roadside probably only have a 50% chance of survival!

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