Saturday, 18 September 2010

Plage de la Barrière

OK, so it probably wasn’t a good idea to go to the Plage de la Barrière when three out of four of our party have ongoing knee problems and there are other beaches where we could have driven straight to the edge of the sand, but it’s just so stunning here, that we couldn’t resist!

This particular stretch of beach is one of my favourites in the Valinco area. Not only are the colours absolutely amazing, but you can nearly always find a nice stretch all to yourself – today was no exception.

The sea was as warm as a bath, so we all dipped our feet before we settled on the sand. We’d chosen a section with rocks in the water, because not only does that it look good on my photos (always a consideration!), but it’s also great for snorkelling.

Actually, it was here a couple of years ago that I spotted a long bright blue fish that looked almost like a swordfish, but apparently it might have been a flying fish. I did try to capture some of the smaller fishes but the current was quite strong and was pulling the sand from around my feet, so I was terrified that both me and the camera would end up doing a Jaques Cousteau impression!

In the end I decided to amuse myself from the sand instead and got some amazing full zoom photos of the cormorants sunning themselves on the rocks. Apparently in the water they look like penguins when they are diving for fish, so I suspect I might be investigating underwater camera cases on the internet this afternoon!

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