Thursday, 16 September 2010

Restaurant La Crique, Abbartello

La Crique has become a firm favourite over the summer, so when we were thinking of a spot by the beach for Jane’s last meal (last meal before going home rather than in the biblical sense!), it was the first place that sprang to mind.

I honestly don’t know why I bothered looking at the menu as I nearly always have the same thing here! They do an excellent lunchtime menu of Moules Frites (mussels and chips) with a glass of wine or beer for an amazing 12.50 euros – you can’t go wrong with that can you?

The others were more adventurous with a huge oriental style salad of Gambas which had been marinated in coconut milk with bean sprouts, salad and various fruits and vegetables, and a piece of monkfish decorated with a flavoured risotto and seasonal veg – yum!

The ambiance here is so laid back and chilled out, that we even asked what CD was playing so that we could try to recreate the same ‘zen’ type feeling at home, but there really is no chance of that chez moi!

The dessert menu duly arrived and prompted another lively debate. I went for the Café gourmand which was a coffee with a selection of tiny cakes, all of which were absolutely scrummy. The others chose the apple crumble, crème brulée and the ‘Robinson’. The Robinson came recommended by the staff and turned out to be a concoction of various ice creams, sauces and cream served in a huge zebra print bowl decorated with a naked African lady, plus a free hat! Clearly the entertainment value alone is what prompted our server to suggest it!

It’s days like today that I really appreciate living in such a fabulous place. Lunch took several hours, but we didn’t see the time pass as we were happy to take our time, chatting about everything and nothing under the dappled shade. What bliss...

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